Wax emulsions are well established and extensively used in aqueous formulations such as coatings, inks and OPVs, textile and leather treatments, polishes, paper and cardboard coatings, concrete curing compound , water repellant Gypsum Board, Mould Release etc. These ready-to-use emulsions can be easily incorporated by simple mixing. Their very fine particle size ensures an intimate and homogeneous incorporation within other ingredients of the formulation, maximizing the required effect(s).

When applied to a fiber or fabric, emulsions made with oxidized polyethylene waxes serve as sewing lubricants to reduce needle cutting and extend needle life.

Polyethylene-based emulsions also improve fabric strength, abrasion resistance, and fabric hand.

Concrete Curing Compound

Our white pigmented paraffin wax emulsion provides a spray on membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. Used for concreting generally but especially useful for large areas of concrete construction such as canals, runways, motorways or bridgeworks.

Particle Board, MDF, OSB

Our Wax emulsion is used in woodworking industry to protect wood boards (Particle Board, MDF, OSB) from water. Wax emulsion has antidust effect which is important while boards are sawing up or grinding. Application of wax emulsion makes the plate surface smoother and softer which more than twofold increases the operating time of the grinding belt.

Gypsum Board

Wax emulsions provide WR due to their hydrophobicity and distribution in the wallboard matrix. There is little wax emulsion chemistry that takes place during the manufacturing of the wallboard, merely evaporation of water with incorporation and distribution of the wax throughout the wallboard.

Floor Polishes

Our Polyethylene wax emulsion provide greater resistance to traffic, gloss maintenance, and low color with an excellent balance of wear properties and slip resistance. These features let you produce floor polishes that last longer, require less maintenance, and cut your customers’ labor costs.


Our products provide a number of advantages, including improved scuff and scratch resistance, tougher films, excellent slip, reduced blocking and offsetting of stacked sheets. Our polyethylene waxes also improve control of the coefficient of friction.


Used in aqueous paper coating formulations, they provide excellent lubrication that extends the life of machine parts, such as cutting dies and rolls. They also help reduce dusting processing, while enhancing gloss, printability, release, blocking, and strength.


Our emulsions provide enhanced mar and abrasion resistance and increased surface lubricity that let you produce better, more cost-effective paints and coatings for your customers.