Polypropylene Stable Fabrics

  The manufacturing process

The modified polypropylene and polypropylene are combined together and then they are blended, spinned and stretched to obtain polypropylene fabric. Polypropylene acts as a stiffener hence it is used in the mortar industries in order to prevent mortar from cracking.

Polypropylene is also termed olefin fabric. This fabric is obtained from the compositions of gases like propylene gases and ethylene gases. It is also a kind or reinforced nylon.

  The Benefits of polypropylene Fabric and its uses……
  Resistance Property :
  • Polypropylene fabrics have a great resistance to moisture, dirt and various blots and many other chemicals. Due to these crucial features these fabrics are extensively used in diversified industries and businesses.
  • These fabrics also have resistance to bacteria and various other microorganisms.
Sustains Color :
  • Another crucial benefit of our polypropylene fabric is that it does not shed color easily and are long lasting fabric hence these fabrics are used extensively in many industrial sectors.


  • These polypropylene fabrics are used for the non woven applications because these fabrics are lighter in weight as compared to many other fabrics.
  • These products are available with us in various forms like they can be bright, white or pigmented.
  • These polypropylene can be used as a good lining material and they can be used in reservoirs lining, tank lining, cover lining etc.
  Polypropylene fabrics also have heat retaining property and hence it is used extensively in the Apparel industries.

Nylon Bolting Cloth

  A few decades back silk was only considered to be a single thread bolting cloth used for filtering of the milled materials as rest of the devices used for filtering were metal devices. With the introduction of synthetic fiber nylon and polyester cloth has been considered to be an important and the crucial fibers as they are high on the quality.
  Manufacturing process
  The combination of the substances are in exact proportions and elements used in order to manufacture these nylon bolting are just in the right proportion so as to obtain the quality of nylon that serves the various industrial filtration requirements.
Experienced Technicians :
We have a widespread experience in manufacturing of nylon bolting cloths as our teams of expert engineers manufacture these bolting cloths to reach to the diverse requirements of various industrial sectors. They process these bolting cloths of various sizes to meet all kinds of requirements of our clients adding to it, we never compromise on the quality and provide on time service at all time hence ensuring a long term client-relationship built on trust.

Our Nylon bolting cloths are manufactured in various sizes ranging from 20 microns to 1800 microns cloth, bolting suiting to the requirement of your client.


  • Our Nylon bolting cloths are extensively used for the purpose of separating of the liquid substances from the hard particles, as well as for dust filtration and gas filtration.
  • These nylon bolting cloths are also used for the filtration of the milled materials as well as in the flour industry as a flour filtering device.