About Us

Navdip Industries is dedicated to provide its customers with quality wax rolls in the form of triangular wax bar, round wax bar, synthetic wax roller for the textile industry having application of uniform wax coating to reduce hairiness and friction of yarn and also manufactures non woven paper socks for dye spring, while providing a level of service that consistently exceeds its customer's expectations.

With over 25 years in textile industry with handling quality conscious, high depending customers leads us to constant control and improvement of the products. We have long lasting association with the biggest textile mills. We have proved that know how has been created to the wax elaboration.

Our wax rolls products (Paraffin) have perfect combination of composition and elaboration covering the necessities of the modern textile industry with modern ecological approach offering to our customers a wide range of products.

The basic advantage for products (Paraffin Wax) is their application with perfect result combinations with total lack of problems.

We have worked long and hard to establish a reputation for quality and satisfaction in textile industry. We ensure the right greasing of the fiber, having as required point the minimum friction factor that is succeeded with the combination of less wax absorption with the better and uniform wax deposition for the fiber. So it is ensured the right function in the production without staining the knitting machines and interrupting the production.

The wax rolls manufactured by us are formulated with the high quality super refined paraffin wax and specialty waxes, oils and additives to give yarns a perfect uniform wax coating. The wax coating provides uniform tension, prevent fly or link formulation and reduce yarn friction considering during operation and wear of needles thereby prolongs the life of needles substantially. For sewing threads, the wax coating allows high speeds for stitching without causing and breakages.